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Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Post-lockdown, post-Covid anxiety

Hi everyone, I'm Hannah and I'll be sharing some thoughts on post-lockdown symptoms that I've observed recently.

“COVID-19 pandemic triggers 25% increase in prevalence of anxiety and depression worldwide.” (World Health Organisation, 2/3/22 article)

Has anyone else noticed the significant rise of people being affected by high levels of anxiety? Are you one of those suffering with higher levels of anxiety than ever before?

Anxiety on the rise

No wonder feelings of anxiety are much higher now. We were governed by fear for months on end. Not just small fear, but big FEAR! We were fed fear from every angle and the severe rules that were enforced seemed at times incredibly inhumane: patients dying without their loved ones around, those left behind not being able to say goodbye or comfort them as they died. People living on their own, being forced to be isolated from any human contact (even our smiles were covered by masks). We were taught that human touch was dangerous, that being near someone could cause your own death or the death of the other person. Our children were forced to read and answer academic worksheets online...and this was classed as education? Children need to learn how to play, how to relate to others, how to be creative. Families and loved ones were forced to stay apart. I really could go on and on. #anxiety #fear #lockdown) I understand the threat to our physical health that Covid-19 posed but emotional and mental health has been damaged in the process of prioritising physical health. #mentalhealth #physicalhealth

So how do we recover?

Don't minimise what we've all experienced.

It was a major crisis and we were all affected in many ways. Let's acknowledge that it was quite devastating and that we all need a bit of time to process what happened.

  • Build relationships again. #relationships

  • Seek safe, welcoming, friendly connections with other people.

  • Remind yourself that we no longer need to live in such fear.

  • Get outside; nature is incredibly healing. #nature

  • Laugh and have fun #laughter

  • Get talking to others who you trust or seek professional help from a therapist

  • Practice deep breathing exercises to really calm the brain and body (follow me on Instagram for more useful tips and videos - @claim_your_worth #relaxation #anxietyreliefs

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