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Integrative Counsellor and Personal Therapist

"Claim your worth"


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Change is inevitable , Growth is optional. 

Sometimes we face difficult circumstances in life, painful losses, unfulfilled hopes and desires, relationship breakdowns, family problems, death of a loved one or a big life change. We can also carry feelings of worry, anxiety, obsessive thoughts or deep sadness around with us daily, which is very normal, but these can lead us to feel tired and weary over time.


Sometimes things from our past keep us from enjoying life now and prevent us from looking forward to a better future. 


At these times, a good counsellor can be just what is needed to get you through. 

Services offered

One 2 one online counselling

One2one counselling in person  or via video call.

A 50 minute therapy session where we focus on the challenges you are facing. Our end goal is for you to feel  empowered and navigate life with more confidence. At times past issues can hold us back and prevent us from progressing forward. We can explore any of those unresolved issues from the past. 

Our belief is that everyone should have fulfilling lives and fulfilling relationships. 

We aim to build a relationship of trust where you are listened too and understood, regardless of your situation while working at your pace.

Private Sessions
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Well being Check up

Claim your worth - Invest in you 

Have you ever considered having a well being check up. A well being check up aids in assisting you to having an overall view and perspective of all the facets of our lives i.e - 

  • Relationships 

  • Work 

  • Health 

  • Finances 

  • Family 

  • Spiritual 

  • Love 

  • Recreation

  • Comunity 

Through our bespoke service we will look any or all of these areas of your life, through an assessment and a conclusive insight, we will identify which areas/areas could be developed to bring more enjoyment and fulfillment into your life  

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